The ISO 20000 / ISO20000 ITSM Implementation Support Kit


ISO 20000



Both Parts of ISO 20000

A PDF copy of each part of the standard itself 


The Service Delivery Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the service delivery process, including SLA templates.


The Resolution Process Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the service delivery process


The Control Process Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the control process


The Release Process Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the release process


The Relationship Process Library

Key templates and documents to support the relationship process


The ISO 20000 Process Sheets

The ISO 20000 processes distilled into a series of easy to use graphical reference sheets. 


The ISO 20000 Training Presentations

A PowerPoint introduction for executive management. 


ISO 20000 Compliance Assessment Kit

An Excel based kit to measure assessment against ITSM processes. 


The ISO 20000 Strategy Template

A template document detailing the case for ISO 20000 from a strategic viewpoint. 


A Sample Outsourcing Agreement and Various Bonus Items

A range of additional support materials.



The ISO 20000 Toolkit On Your PC

The entire toolkit can be purchased online and downloaded straight to your PC. Simply visit our

ISO 20000  Purchase Page



The ISO 20000 Toolkit


The ISO 20000 Implementation Toolkit & Library


The two ISO 20000 standards are of course relatively complex documents. Both the Specification and the 'Code of Practice'  require effort and commitment to both understand and implement. This can be a daunting task.


Fortunately, however, it is possible to ease this path considerably. The standards can now be obtained together with a range of items and materials specifically designed to assist implementation, and explain many of the concepts and issues. These resources are intended to be of significant use, both to the beginner and the seasoned professional, and should prove valuable both initially and long into the future.




This entire library of items included was developed by leading ITSM professionals, with countless years of experience, and support all the key processes. A substantial majority of items are supplied in MS-Word, PowerPoint and Excel formats, so that you can edit and tailor them, with the rest being provided in PDF format.


Included are the following quality items/libraries:


 Both standards: ISO 20000-1 and ISO 20000-2

 An ISO 20000 Process Compliance Assessment Kit

 A library of materials to support the service delivery processes

 Various items to support the resolution processes

 A range of documents to support the control processes

 A selection of materials to support the release process

 Key items and materials to support the relationship process

 For each process, a graphical reference sheet to assist understanding  

 A training presentation to introduce ISO 20000 to executive management

 A comprehensive ISO 20000 strategy template 

 A sample outsourcing agreement 

 Various other materials and documents




This substantial toolkit will support you from introduction to implementation. To demonstrate the quality of the contents, however, we have documented each of the toolkit's items groups on this website. To view what is offered in a particular area, simply select from the left hand panel.


The pages not only explain what the item(s) are, but provide a number of snapshot samples, taken directly from the product itself. Hopefully, this will provide an insight into the quality, and extent, of this outstanding toolkit.




From here! The entire toolkit (every item described on this website) can be purchased and downloaded straight to your PC for a discounted price of just $795. Just visit our toolkit purchase page to place your order via our secure server.




If you wish to contact us with respect to the ISO 20000 Toolkit, please feel free to do so via the details on our toolkit contact page.