The ISO 20000 / ISO20000 Control Process


ISO 20000



Both Parts of ISO 20000

A PDF copy of each part of the standard itself 


The Service Delivery Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the service delivery process, including SLA templates.


The Resolution Process Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the service delivery process


The Control Process Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the control process


The Release Process Library

An comprehensive series of documents and templates to support the release process


The Relationship Process Library

Key templates and documents to support the relationship process


The ISO 20000 Process Sheets

The ISO 20000 processes distilled into a series of easy to use graphical reference sheets. 


The ISO 20000 Training Presentations

A PowerPoint introduction for executive management. 


ISO 20000 Compliance Assessment Kit

An Excel based kit to measure assessment against ITSM processes. 


The ISO 20000 Strategy Template

A template document detailing the case for ISO 20000 from a strategic viewpoint. 


A Sample Outsourcing Agreement and Various Bonus Items

A range of additional support materials.



The ISO 20000 Toolkit On Your PC

The entire toolkit can be purchased online and downloaded straight to your PC. Simply visit our

ISO 20000  Purchase Page



The Control Process


The ISO 20000 Control Process Library


This is a library of materials to support the control process. The following items are included:


  1. Change Management Change Advisory Board (CAB) meeting minutes template a critical part of ISO accreditation will be the presentation of the ability to demonstrate management control. Meetings are the most common form of communication that help deal with control issues. Use this template as a basis for capturing the discussion surrounding proposed changes to the infrastructure.
  2. Change Management Process Owner the Change Manager has a job that requires excellent time, people and resource management. The coordination of change in an organization requires a level of technical knowledge, but importantly an excellent understanding of the organization itself. Changes must be assessed with regard to the likely impact they will have on the smooth running of the organization. Look for the bonus job description provided.
  3. Change Management Forward Schedule of Change template the FSC is a listing of changes that have been approved for some time in the future. Combined with the projected services availability it is a critical piece of documentation for technical and front line support staff.
  4. Change Management Request for Change template perhaps the most widely known part of the process is the RFC. This template goes beyond what may be considered a standard document as it shows how the Resolution family and other processes link in with changes being proposed.
  5. Configuration Management Process owner this process owner has a complex role that supports many other process areas. In large organizations a Configuration Librarian can also be employed. Both roles are covered in this checklist of roles and responsibilities.
  6. Configuration Management Identification Guidelines an important activity of Configuration Management is the actual task of identifying the components that are to be tracked. We refer to the components as Configuration Items and this guide helps you to understand how they should be identified and tracked.
  7. Configuration Management Verification/Audit plan one of the primary activities for Configuration Management is verification and audit. This short document gives you a checklist of when you may carry out these activities.
  8. Configuration Management Status Accounting Guidelines the ability to be able to report on elements of the infrastructure is a key benefit for this process. To be able to account on the status of items is crucial. This short document gives you a list of potential conditions that you can define for a component or service.


The following are just a handful of extracts from this collection:








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